Master Plan Creating a Distinct Culture for the City of Yakima

Downtown Yakima Downtown Yakima Master Plan | City of Yakima | City of Yakima. In April, 2013 the Yakima City Council began working with a consulting team to recreate the wonderful, historic downtown Yakima area. The Yakima Downtown Master Plan will encompass a retail plan, urban design recommendations, public space and amenities, parking and transportation, and development standards. The Downtown Plan has a completion date of late fall of 2013. What is wonderful about this plan is that the consultants are seeking feedback from people in the community, they want voices to be heard. This first public session was held May 9th at 6:30 p.m. and had 200 people in attendance. The second public meeting will be held in late June of 2013. Hopefully this new Downtown Master Plan will make downtown Yakima a hotspot for shopping and entertainment, encourage downtown investment,  preserve its historic buildings, cultivate local retail and business development, and ultimately create a unique culture for the city of Yakima.