Yakima Real Estate Report

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices - Yakima Real Estate Report

This Yakima Real Estate Report takes a look at the state of residential real estate in Yakima County.  We have conducted exhaustive research to compile data on prices, property types and market trends.  A thorough understanding of the marketplace and its characteristics is important when considering entering the marketplace, or when simply monitoring the marketplace. The real estate market in Yakima is robust and healthy, indicating a large degree of economic recovery over the last several years.  Many homes are now worth more money than they have been in awhile, although this increased value is concentrated in desirable areas and specific price ranges.  We believe that strong growth in one segment of the market will eventually have far-reaching positive effects on the rest of the market...Click here to read the entire report. Berkshire Hathaway Yakima Real Estate Report

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Today’s homeowners and prospective buyers define value in broader terms of personal confidence in their housing investment and how a property meets their family needs now and in the future.