Steps to Buying Your First Home

Here are the 5 steps to make buying your first home easier: 1. Check your credit report and clean it up. 2. Revise your monthly budget and stick to it! 3. A good agent is very important. 4. Find a mortgage lender. 5. Be ready! For more details visit... How to get your act together before buying your first home | Homes & Real Estate | The Seattle Times.  

Do it Yourself Kitchen

Kitchen Crashers : Alison Victoria : DIY Network kitchen crashers Just yesterday my family and I were sitting in the family room watching DIY Network's show called Kitchen Crashers. I couldn't believe my eyes! Alison Victoria, the host of the show walks into Home Depot in search of a candidate that needs a new kitchen. Who wouldn't want to be selected for this show, right? What's funny is that not everyone is interested and some believe it to be a hoax. But the catch is that Alison decides if she wants to re-do the inside kitchen or the outdoor kitchen, while remodeling it in only 3 days! This show is fascinating and can really teach the viewer how to design their own space. Check out this website for more tips and tricks on remodeling your own kitchen.